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Dragon Scales Scalable Dungeons Up On Kickstarter

I often talk about how useful pre-made adventures are. I'll even mention how a good GM can use one that's not quite right for their game, possibly because of the level of the dungeon, and fudge it to make it work. Well, the folks at Arcadian Games don't want to make it so you have to do that fudging. They've got a set of adventures up on Kickstarter that they've also made scalable. So if you need it for a different level than your group is, it's already factored in.

From the campaign:

DRAGON SCALES is Arcadian Games' new adventure booklet following 'A Storm About to Break' and 'Quests for Heroes'. The name reflects my new concept in quest design - to create fully scalable adventures to give you the ultimate flexibility in running your game. There are four adventures included, and each will be playable at easy, moderate or hard levels. The booklet will run to around 110 pages.

All the adventures included in the booklet contain a detailed background explaining what the quest is about and fleshing out the missions. The quests can take place in a provided, ready made setting, but can also easily be dropped into your current campaign. Once the Kickstarter is fulfilled, all contributors will receive not only the PDF adventure booklet, but also a word document version, so you can configure it to your own tastes. In addition, every contributor will also receive all the map images from the booklet. These will be sent out in both Paint Shop Pro and JPEG versions.

Dragon Scales is all about scaling options. These centre around monster challenge and treasure/rewards. The monster scalability is based on the difficulty level settings found in the DMG. This means that options will be presented which will range from an Easy through to a Hard level encounter. These are gauged by the CR of the creatures and the number encountered. The encounters are coloured green, amber and red for easy use. Within the coloured boxes are the DMG difficulty XP, but also the XP to be awarded to the players. DMs can select the difficulty level based on player experience, the numbers of characters involved - or even on the strength of the party at any given time. In terms of treasure/reward, the scaling is basically set at an increasing level of value that the DM may wish to hand out. Now the DM can reward players for good play purely by selecting a coloured reward level.

The campaign's about 5/6 of the way to their goal with still 17 days left to go.