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Dragon Moon, Third Adventure for The WitchBorn, Released

So, how about that "super eclipse" of the moon earlier this week, eh? ... It was overcast here in Atlanta, so I got to enjoy simply all the photos that friends were posting on Facebook. Of course, there was also the posting of plenty of memes about it. In The WitchBorn, certain moons have certain effects on people. During the Dragon Moon, you might get a little hungry. Ok, not a little hungry, but really hungry (as I tend to be), and that hunger drives you into the woods in search of food. But, like most places in the WitchBorn, there's danger in them thar woods.

Dragon Moon is the 3rd adventure released for the game. It comes with a 46"x39" game mat, a quick start guide to getting started, and a 350 page reference on all sorts of races, skills, artifacts, gear, and all manner of background information.