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Dragon Kings passes funding goal, secures funding for first stretch goal on Kickstarter

Dragon Kings has made it to their funding goal on Kickstarter for their new RPG book. They've also made it past the first stretch goal due to some other funding. All other stretch goals moved up on step as well.


From the update:

Excellent news, everyone! Not only have we reached our funding goal, but we’ve secured separate funding to ensure the Black Fortress Falls Song Trilogy Strech Goal is already achieved (details on that coming soon!).

So, all subsequent Stretch Goals are bumped forward (see the Stretch Goals section for details)! That means the next Stretch Goal we’re striving toward is the 13th Age PDF Rules Supplement (now just $36,000), followed quickly by the Sorcery’s Wrath adventure (now just $39,000) right after that.

Game fans, spread the word – the Dragon Kings game universe is expanding quickly!