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Dragon Keeper Board Game Up On Kickstarter

You know, dragons tend to collect together hoards of money. They also, surely, know about how adventurers tend to come after them in order to slay them and get that treasure back again. So, it would stand to reason that a really wily dragon might use some of the money they've hoarded in order to hire former adventurers (of rather ambiguous scruples) in order to protect their hordes from those "goody-two-shoes" types of adventurers. That's just the story behind Dragon Keeper, a new board game that's up on Kickstarter.

In Dragon Keeper, players take on the role of former adventurers who are helping a dragon protect his horde from those that might feel the need to rid the world of such a creature (hey, dragons are a vital part of the ecosystem, and economy, and stuff like that... right?). The board uses tiles and stack-able trays in order to create the location the horde is kept. Players travel around the board, looking to take out enemies and collect items. But remember, dragons are rather fickle, and you've gotta make sure it's appeased at all times.

The campaign is already over their funding goal (by about an extra 50%), and is heading to stretch goals, while they have 21 days still left on the clock.