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Dragon+ Issue 12 Now Available

Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons & Dragons is more than just an RPG. It has helped countless people through a myriad of issues as well as inspired other, great works. This issue of Dragon+ looks at some of those stories. Maybe it can help inspire you in some way. Along with that, there's articles about helping get the most out of published adventures, along with a couple adventures to try out, as well as a painting article (not exactly something you'd expect, but considering how people like to have their mini look just right for their character, not too surprising).

From the announcement:

Join Dragon+ for an inspiration special, as we explore some of the real-life stories of how Dungeons & Dragons continues to encourage and motivate gamers from all walks of life. Then read how D&D designer Adam Lee was inspired to create a new pocket dimension by the work of this issue’s cover artist Tahra (Kyoung Hwan Kim).

As part of an early preview of the upcoming Tales from the Yawning Portal, Mike Shea provides tips for DMs for getting the most out of published adventures, while Bart Carroll recounts how he mashed up the classic Tomb of Horrors with an unusual bit of cinematic inspiration. DMs and players alike also have a chance to be inspired by not one but two free adventures in this issue—Banquet of the Damned, featured as part of the Best of the Dungeon Masters Guild; and The Barber of Silverymoon, a tale of horror and whimsy written and illustrated by cartoonist Jason Thompson.

Also in this issue, we talk to designer Andrew Parks about the new Assault of the Giants board game, Daniel Gelon offers a painting master class as our Paint by Numbers series goes beyond the basics, and our delve back into the Dragon magazine archives takes us to the lair of the undead dragon Dragotha. All this, plus a wealth of regular features like Unearthed Arcana, Video & Audio Highlights, Maps of the Month, and much more.