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Dragon Forge preview Project Omega bases

Dragon Forge Design have posted a preview of their upcoming Project Omega base set. 40mm Omega set 1 From their announcement:
Well it's time for a new sneak preview of a new base series that I just got in from one of my new sculptors working for me. Dragon Forge design is proud to welcome Lee "Gobbo" Langston to the team. You can follow Lee's blog here at Gobbos Forge. Here is the thing, we don't have a name for this set yet.. Ive give it the working title of "Omega" but I think we need something more clever than that.. so Ill work on that. The set has been designed to have a very clean look of the inside of a space ship or on some future sci fi world.. these are the first 5 sets and Lee is working on more.. so lets hear what you think about them and have to say. These are going into mold now and will be available very soon.