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Dragon Forge has new Goth-Tech bases

Dragon Forge has a new set of Goth-Tech bases for your models to look pretty standing on.

From the update:

April 25, 2012
10 New sets Goth-Tech Bases released in the Goth-Tech Beveled Edge Base series.
Bringing the total to 18 sets of bases in the Goth-Tech Series.
RBGT-002 25mm Goth-Tech Round Base Set Two (2) 10 for $10.00
RBGT-004 30mm Goth-Tech Round Base Set One (1) 10 for $12.00
RBGT-007 40mm Goth-Tech Round Base Set Two (2) 5 for $7.50
RBGT-012 Hero’s Base Set Goth-Tech Set Two (2) 8 for $10.00
RBGT-018 60mm Goth-Tech Set Three (3) 1 for $5.00
RBGT-019 60mm Goth-Tech Set Four (4) 1 for $5.00
RBGT-030 25mm x 70 mm Bike Bases Goth-Tech Set One (1) 5 for $10.00
RBGT-041 120mm x 95mm Oval Base Goth-Tech Set One (1) for $10.00
RBGT-044 120mm Goth-Tech Set One (1) 1 for $15.00
RBGT-050 200mm Goth-Tech Set One (1) 1 for $40.00
They are now for sale in the Dragon Forge Store.