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Dragon Forge Designs Annual Thanksgiving sale

Dragon Forge Designs is yet another of those having Black Friday sales.

Happy Thanksgiving from Dragon Forge Design,

It’s that time of the year I say thanks to you my loyal customers with my annual buy 3 items at the same price and get a 4th item the same price free.

While I think this is a simple sale, it always seems to confuse one or ten of you so let me explain it simple like this.

If you’re interested in let’s say the Urban Rubble base series to make that new army or add to an existing one and you need a lot of 25mm bases for your troops. Now you can buy 3 sets of 25mm round bases and you get a 4th set for free.

Simple right? And hey that’s a 25% savings!

So it’s simple, Buy 3 items of the same value like $5.00, $7.50, $10.00 and so on and get a 4th free the same value! Yay!

But, this requires a little work on your part. You have to write the code numbers for the free items you want in the comments box at check out or if that’s not there send me an email after you place your order with those codes.

Now Please read this part below.. Are you reading it?
I always get a big response to this sale so please be patient, it may take up to 2 + weeks for me to get these orders cast up and shipped to you. So please don’t write me in 3-4 days asking if it’s been shipped because you have a big tournament or whatever next weekend. It’s not going to happen. Please be patient.
If you don’t understand something or have questions please feel free to write me with questions.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sale ends Sunday Midnight (EST) November 25th 2012.