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Dragon Forge Design Release New Base Sets

Dragon Forge Design has several new base sets available because every mini deserves a good foundation.


From the release:

Today Dragon Forge Design releases 4 new base sets to its lines.
They are the following

RLBFE-006 Hero Base set for Forgotten Empires 8 Bases for $15.00

RBAR-007 50 mm Ancient Ruins Base set of 3 Bases for $13.50
RBDW-019 50 mm Desert Wasteland set of 3 Bases for $13.50
RBSW-006 50 mm Slate Wasteland set of 3 Bases for $13.50

I am also taking pre orders on my new Round Base series with bevel edge called Badlands
Designed to give the feel of a totally desolated and broken environment totally free of all life.
It could be painted with many environments in mind from deserts and dried lake beds to frozen Ice worlds and even lava planets.
This is a new set releasing in a week.