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Draco Ideas Launches Sector 6 Kickstarter

Life in prison is rough. That's the situation here today on Earth. In the space-prison of Obliti, it's much, much worse. Due to budget cuts (not a lot of people relish the idea of spending more money on the planet's worst criminals), food, clothing, and even air are becoming scarce. If an inmate wants to make it to see the next day, they'll need to be able to get the oxygen required to live. Problem is, there's only so much to go around and the labyrinthine Sector 6 is always changing. That's the story behind Sector 6, a new board game by Draco Ideas up on Kickstarter now.


The game takes place over two phases. In the first, players will use the hex tiles in order to create the game board, representing the twists and turns of Sector 6. They'll also be placing the oxygen tokens, as well as their entry points into the maze. In the second phase, players will have to maneuver their character through the map they've created, collecting those same oxygen tokens. They can also rotate the tiles, opening and closing the ways through the board. Every game will bring new challenges and opportunities as the board will never be the same way twice.

The Kickstarter campaign just launched today and is set to go for another 33 days.