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Draco Ideas Launches 2GM Tactics Wargame Kickstarter

There's quite a lot of people out there that speak Spanish. Living in a major US city, I hear it all the time. However, I'm unable to speak it, myself (I'm lame like that). So, if I wanted to play 2GM Tactics Wargame by Draco Ideas, I'd be out of luck, currently. That will all change, though, if they succeed in their Kickstarter campaign to bring the game to an English-speaking audience.

The Kickstarter campaign is for more than just the base game. Draco Ideas wants to bring the game as well as all the expansions on over. There's sets for the North Africa front, as well as the Eastern front. So you've got plenty of armies to play, from the Americans, to British, to French, to German, to Italian. Cards are used to represent various units, while tokens show what sort of special equipment they might have. Those cards are played on a game board that simulates the battlefield.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. They're already pretty close to their goal (if they've not reached it already, by the time you read this) with still a lot of time on the clock. 39 days, to be precise.