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Draccians added to the HOF 15mm sci-fi line have added a new series of 15mm figures, the Draccians, to their HOF 15mm sci-fi range. Draccians From their announcement:
A new pack of 15mm figures has been added to our HOF science fiction range: HOF69. Draccian are reptilian creatures with a vicious and blood thirsty temper... oh and lots of teeth. This pack contains one Draccian Overlord with Fusion Cannon and Sword along with a mix of six of three poses of Draccian Infantry armed with melee weapons, blasters and grenades. £4.00 per Pack. Pack is supplied with an equal mix of all poses. Draccian Infantry stand approx 17mm tall. Perfect for use with the USE ME 15mm Sci-fi rules system. This pack and our previous pack of Draccian Heavy weapons (HOF62) are also available as single figures. Thanks for reading Alex Scott.