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Dr. Strange Team Pack Available To Pre-Order For Dice Masters

Dice Masters fans, there's going to be a new Team Pack coming out this September which will add a new set of heroes and dice that you can add to your collections. This time around, things are getting a little strange... Dr. Strange, in fact. That's right, the world's premier magic-user, the Sorcerer Supreme, himself, is getting a team pack.


So, what's in this set? You get heroes such as Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange, but also some of their greatest foes in the form of Dormammu and the Mindless Ones. You get a total of 8 new characters/items, with 3 cards each (representing different versions of them), as well as 2 dice for each of those. So there's lots of different ways you can build your team with just what's in the pack. Or you can combine it with the rest of your collection to create more customized teams.