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Doom: The Board Game Now Available From Fantasy Flight Games

Aw Hell...
Literally. The denizens of Hell have managed to break through into our dimension due to some careless scientists on Mars. If the security forces don't act fast and try and stop more portals from opening up, the whole universe could be flooded with foul and horrific beasts. It's going to take a lot of toughness... and a lot of ammo, if they're going to make the world safe again. Pretty much all of us know the story behind Doom. Well, now you can bring that FPS game to your tabletop, as the Doom board game is now available from Fantasy Flight Games.


In the game, one player will take on the role of the Invader. They'll be in charge of the minions of Hell, bringing forth a seemingly endless wave of demons. Meanwhile, 1-4 players will take on the role of Marines, looking to stop the invasion. In each mission, they'll have certain objectives that they have to fulfill in order to achieve victory. Achieving victory for the Invader is easy: kill off the Marines. But don't worry if you get fragged, you're not out of the game, as you can respawn yourself back onto the board.

You can pick up your copy now from your LGS or the Fantasy Flight webshop.