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Don't Die! Card Game Up On Kickstarter

So, one of my "personal catchphrases" that I have is "Don't die." If someone near me starts coughing a bunch or somehow manages to hurt themselves in some way, I'll be, "Don't die, man. Don't die." So, when I showed an office-mate the new Don't Die card game from Abraxus Games that's up on Kickstarter, he just busted out laughing.

In the game, you're trying to not die. Or at least, you're trying to die less than everyone else. You flip cards from the center deck and have to roll a die and beat the encounter number on it. You can modify your roll via cards from your hand, or possibly skip having to roll altogether. However, your opponents can also play cards to modify your roll, so be careful. First one to die 10 times ends the game. From there, whomever died least is the winner.

The campaign is 1/4 funded with still 24 days to go.