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Dome Crushers Card Game Up On Kickstarter

In the Caldera Dome, two opponents stand opposite one-another across the dusty arena floor. Soon, the silence will be broken as massive beasts clash in a contest of strength. But who will come out on top? That's the story behind Dome Crushers, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

From across the Blasted Sands, the famous Caldera Dome is filled with shouting hordes pouring in to see a clash of epic proportions. From atop your beast, you see your opponent across the dusty arena as the crowd is drowned out by deafening roars and the crash of titanic monsters. Some try to win using brute force, others rely on their wits and speed. How will you crush your opponent to become Champion of the Dome?

The campaign's over its funding goal, so it's looking to break through some stretch goals in the next 8 days.