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Dogz Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I would have a whole herd of polar bears if I could. But seeing as that would probably be rather restricted anywhere I would want to live, the best I could do is maybe get a bunch of large dogs like Great Pyrenees or something. Granted, I'd certainly love a huge pack of dogs running around, too. Unfortunately, that's not something that'll happen soon, either. However, I can live vicariously through Dogz, a set of cards up on Kickstarter with which you can play a multitude of different games.

From the campaign:

DOGZ is a collection of 191 dog breed information cards and over 20 Games that can be played with the cards. Ages 7 to Adult 2 - 8 Payers (both depend on the game being played).

If you already have Game Nights or if you need something NEW to do with your friends and family - DOGZ is it!

Then, just when you think you have played all the games...go online - we've got more!

The unique cards play on both sides. Some of the games use the front side - some use the back. Some use the popularity number, some use the GROUP type, and some use the breed picture. Watch out for the MUTT (WILD) cards and the CAT cards! They can help and hurt!

There are word games, luck games, and strategy games!

Play Kennel! Play Top Dog! Play Paws-Word, Spot-ZEE, Doggies to Doggies, Pack, 3-Dog Night, or Buddies! Play them all!

Or, just sit back and learn a little more about the different breeds of dogs.

A copy of DOGZ in your home will be played and enjoyed for years to come!

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now with 22 days left to go.