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Dog Might Games Running Countdown: Action Edition Kickstarter

I've got my 80s playlist going on Pandora here today. Oingo Boingo. The Police. Genesis. It's all good stuff. And a perfectly fitting soundtrack for this story. Dog Might Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Countdown: Action Edition. It's a game that brings all the thrill of 80s action movies and puts you right at the center of it. It's a tense hostage negotiation, and only you and the other players can decide on what happens before the credits roll.

From the campaign:

Countdown: Action Edition is a hidden role game where players try to navigate a hostage situation happening in a 1980's action movie.

One player takes on the role of the Action Hero, while the other players are Hostages or Villains. The Action Hero will need to determine which players are the real Hostages and which are the Villains impersonating them.

Decide quickly though, because no one knows when the Villains' Bomb will go off!

The campaign is getting really close to their goal with still 21 days left to go.