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Dog Might Games Posts New Countdown: Action Edition Preview

Countdown: Action Edition brings the excitement of 80s action movies to your tabletop. While most of the positions in the game are randomly determined, one player will always be the Action Hero. That player will be the final arbiter in discussions and act as a GM, of sorts, for the game. White jacket with huge shoulder pads, feathered hair, flashy sports car, and sunglasses sold separately.

From the post:

Every week we are going to be taking an in depth look at Countdown: Action Edition and talking about different parts of gameplay. For our first installment we will be taking a look at the infamous Action Hero Role.

Just like Action Heroes are an enormous part of any action movie, they are a vital part of every game of Countdown: Action Edition. The Action Hero acts as the game’s moderator, final decision maker, and narrator of the story.

Unlike the other roles, which are drafted secretly by players at the start of the game, the Action Hero Role is given to a volunteering (or chosen) player. For the sake of everyone’s sanity we will call that player simply the Hero. The Hero player then chooses which Action Hero they want to play and places the matching Action Hero card face up in front of them. This means all players will always know exactly who the Action Hero is. This doesn’t mean that the Hero player is stuck outside of the action though, they have specially designed win conditions that effect many of the other Hostage and Villain’s win conditions. It is important that everyone knows and understands the Hero’s main goal during each game.