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Dog Might Games Announces Countdown: Action Edition

I love a good '80s action flick. They're just so over-the-top crazy, you simply have to smile, even if the plots are strange, the clothing odd, and the one-liners could often use some work. Countdown: Action Edition looks to bring everything you love about 80s action movies and put it on your tabletop. There's a bomb countdown. There's hostages. There's unlikely heroes. It's got it all.

About the game:

Dog Might Games is back with its newest title Countdown: Action Edition! With a short play time, tons of player options, built-in moderator, and unique role-playing mechanics, Countdown: Action Edition delivers a totally new hidden role experience.

One reckless Action Hero
An out of control hostage situation
Who will you trust?

In Countdown: Action Edition players become characters within a 1980’s action flick. Villains have taken hostages and rigged the whole place to blow, but they didn’t count on the timely arrival of the Action Hero. Thinking fast they’ve hidden themselves among the hostages waiting to be released. There’s not enough time to save everyone. Get the innocent hostages out while leaving the bad guys behind to fall victim to their own plots. Unfortunately for our Hero, many of the hostages also have their own plans to use this situation to their advantage.
Jam packed with nostalgia and humor, Countdown: Action Edition offers many new twists on the beloved hidden role genre.

Click the link below to learn more Countdown: Action Edition and you can play the game early by joining the Dog Might Playtesting Team!