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Doctor Panic Now Available From Asmodee

One of my previous jobs was as a supervisor for housekeeping at a major hospital in the Atlanta area. It was... quite a job. I've seen things, man... I won't go into detail, just in case any of you are have eaten recently (or are currently eating), but suffice to say I've seen just about it all. Thankfully, none of the things in Doctor Panic are anatomically correct. Otherwise it might not be such a light-hearted game.


In the game, players make up two teams, each trying to save a sick patient in real time. You've got 12 minutes to complete a series of dexterity-based tests in order to make sure your patient makes it off the operating table. The tests might be things like ordering the patient's set of pills they'll be taking. Or maybe you're stitching up a suture. Maybe it's making sure the department head gets the right instruments to work on the patient. You're never sure what's next and every second counts.

You can pick up your copy at your LGS now.