Do you want to be the next CEO of GW?

By Polar_Bear
In Games Workshop
Sep 24th, 2014

Games Workshop is taking applications for people who would like to be their next CEO. Just send them a letter and be in Nottingham on the 7th.

Games Workshop


From the website:

About the Job

Do you want to run Games Workshop Group PLC?

Are you excited by the challenge of growing our unique business?

You will need to:

Deliver a sustainable increase in return on capital
Have the right people in the right jobs at the right time
Set the operational agenda in agreement with the board and deliver it on time
Keep our owners appropriately informed
Perform the normal legal duties and responsibilities of a director

whilst championing Games Workshop’s culture and ethics.

We know being a chief executive is always hard, but this job is a humdinger!

About Games Workshop

Games Workshop is a business with a strong internal culture which means we have a very definite set of ideas, beliefs and ways of doing business. We believe that how you behave does matter, therefore, we believe that attitudes – such as honesty and integrity – are even more important than skills. We will happily teach you the skills needed for many roles if you bring a great attitude to your work.

Every staff member is dedicated to constantly making things better for our customers, whether this is by providing ever better products or delivering ever greater service. We are hard working, committed and cheerful and above all we put the needs of the business first in our decision-making.

We have a strong culture of personal development at Games Workshop and there are many resources and opportunities for both personal and professional development. If the way you behave at work and the attitudes you display fit with ours, it is highly likely you will be successful, well rewarded and happy. However, it is only fair to say that people who don’t fit with our culture, or who play at fitting, will be unhappy and consequently unsuccessful. You can read more about Games Workshop’s business culture at

Other Essential Information

Closing date: Applications must be received by midnight, UK time, on Friday 10 October 2014.

Interviews: If your application is successful, you must be available for an interview on Friday 7 November 2014, in Nottingham.

How to Apply

Please write a letter telling us why you want this job. No letter, no interview.

Please send your letter to ‘[email protected]’.

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  • odinsgrandson

    For some reason, this doesn’t feel like a normal way to hire a CEO. Does anyone have more experience in this area who might enlighten us?

    Also, it seems like their last guy didn’t do the first thing on their list:

    “Deliver sustainable increase in return on capital.”

    Wells probably left because the up trend was over.

    • blkdymnd

      We were just saying the same thing. It’s not everyday you get a general public posting for a CEO position. Is the pool of candidates in the industry that dried up, or are they having trouble finding people in the industry wanting to work for a hobby company that has outlawed creativity?

      • Grindar

        Probably a few factors here. One would be a desire for fresh blood and new vision…the company’s been in kind of a rut, and one with downward trrending numbers at that.

        Also it’s possible the other high-level executives are doing much harder to fill individual jobs or just straight up don’t want to be the guy in the big seat.

        • Veritas

          The company is definitely in a rut and could benefit from new blood and fresh ideas, but you’ll notice throughout the job posting it says potential candidates have to conform to the existing culture at the company. It sounds more like GW wants a figurehead and scapegoat rather than a CEO. Ridiculous.

          • odinsgrandson

            Ditto- this doesn’t sound like trying to hire new blood. It sounds more like the Hudsucker proxy.

            With a lot of prestigious high paying jobs (many of them lower than CEO) companies will actually fly four or five interviewees to their location after reviewing their Resume.

            In this case, there’s no mention of resume (an email isn’t the same thing) and they only want to talk to people who are local to Nottingham.

            I mean, it sounds like they’re hiring for a cashier position here. I expected them to try and get a good CEO, but I guess they want to have a pool of candidates from the local Nottingham gamer clubs.

            I guess they couldn’t put up a posting that reads “Wanted: Guy to take the fall for short term thinking on the parts of Kirby and Wells.”

  • darkendlight

    Personally I would be looking at trying to get someone from Walmart or some other large retail outlet. Someone who knows how to run stores, manufacturing and customer service (Ok maybe not Walmart).

  • nighthaunter666

    Maybe the guys from Tesco that overstated profits by £250 million?
    I think they’re looking for new jobs….

  • Soulfinger

    Just don’t forget to write in and let them know you want me as the new CEO.

    • odinsgrandson

      My first choice of nominee was going to be the bloke at But I’d love to see Soulfinger run things.

      Wait, in order to have my support- what are your feelings about Blood Bowl?

      • Soulfinger

        Off-hand, do an initial core set (Imperial/Orc) followed by annual “Season” releases featuring new teams, alternate playing pitches, and scenario-specific rules (i.e. Season 4 is dwarfs and Dungeonbowl, Season 5 is Lizardmen with Lustria pitch and alternate Skaven roster, etc.). Contents are A5-sized book, game board, team, counters, cards, etc. Retail bundles include a limited release trophy for each product wave (the Spike, Chaos Cup, etc.) with promo pack for organizing league play. League winners are posted on the website as part of the Chapter Approved FLGS promotion initiative. The main obstacle is the presence of third-party products and market saturation from previous editions. That is partly mitigated by the bundling, since who doesn’t want a matching home field (Chaos, I’m looking at you) but also because the new line of miniatures will put all that came before them to shame. Show up with a knock-off, and you will feel ridiculous holding that Willy in your hand. Lastly, easy conversion guides for converting suitable WHF models, like Queek Headtaker or Shadowblade, into Star Players to further drive WHF sales and reinforce the connection between the two games. By golly, it almost feels like something that would go in a White Dwarf.

        • chaoshead87

          Well, those are all better ideas than I have seen from this company in years.

          Amazing how the things that we the fans want, suggest, enjoy are no longer even on this companies radar.

        • StygianBeach


          Best idea since I don’t know when.

        • tuco

          Personally I’ve never given two craps about Bloodbowl, but Soul’s strategy would have me pretty interested.

          Now let’s hear your marketing strategy for Mordheim.

          • Soulfinger

            Similar shtick with an even stronger emphasis on integration with the WHFB game. Core box is Mercenary/Orcs with a lower figure count (5 on 5) and mechanics revised and hybridized with Inquisitor. Hit a decent price point and negotiate favorable distribution terms, and this could be the Heroquest-type introductory set that Enrico was after. “Advanced” expansion sets include further warband options, expanded rules, and different enviornments (i.e. Dwarf Tomb Raiders versus Undead warbands in a crypt setting, Dwarfs versus Skaven in the sewers, or Witch Hunters versus Possessed in woodland).
            Skirmish sizes can be bulked up with expansion packs or WHFB boxed sets (to be customized with sprue bits included in the set), and each warband can be bulked out as a Dogs of War regiment in Warhammer Fantasy with faction specific WHFB scenarios included.

          • tuco

            I’d play the feces out of that*.

            *Assuming that the Dwarf Treasure Hunters remain impossible to knock out. I loved watching my opponents get livid over that.

          • chaoshead87

            Yep, you’re hired.

            Thinking like this would probably bring this companies new products into my house again. Been close to six years now since I have bought anything from them.

            I am sure your thought on Necromunda would be roughly the same as the above two games?

          • Soulfinger

            Again, more integrated with WH40K. Necromunda players had no reason to keep buying figs because you couldn’t field Space Marines or Orks. Forces need to be more like with Mordheim: SM Scout Squad, Ork Raiders, Eldar Pirates, etc. with White Dwarf coverage of gangers for people with old models or those wanting to convert models. Game would be “Rogue Trader” and really mine both Necromunda and the 1st edition of the game. Field your warband as an allied detachment in a 40K game, etc. Really, it’s what they should have done with Inquisition/Assassins/SOB etc. to begin with.

          • rastamann

            Would you do something about bringing back Epic?

        • odinsgrandson

          Holy crap, dude. I’m sending that recommendation now.

  • The Beast Rampant

    Yep, like I aways said, three words: entry-level games. In my dearly departed FLGS, Necromunda roped a LOT of people into 40K who were otherwise put off by 40K’s start-up costs. ( Mordheim would have done the same, but I digress).

    But GW considers such satellite games small potatoes. Everybody wouldn’t be hatin’ on ’em all the time if they actually knew how to market.

    • Soulfinger

      They are small potatoes though, as they are presently structured. What I think GW needs is an earnest implementation of lean manufacturing policies, which includes a focus on creating value for the consumer. It is that sense of generating value, be it actual or perceived, that is missing right now. Mordheim or Necromunda are viable if they can be incorporated into their respective brands in a way that generates a global sense of value for the consumer (i.e. a box of savage orcs is now useful for both WHFB and Mordheim, even more so because of cross over scenarios, conversion ideas, and a couple dozen counters). This integration grows the brand instead of splintering it, which was the concern with Specialist Games in the past.

      • odinsgrandson

        The current “kill team” book seemed like it was a step towards something that I would play. The trouble with it is that the buy in is still outrageous (I’d need to get the core 40k book for $90 AND the Kill Team book AND a $50 codex- that really kills some of the appeal of low model count skirmish games).

    • 4tonmantis

      This is where Mantic, Avatars of War, etc have figured out a better formula.
      Mantic particularly has made their skirmish games bite-sized versions of their full on war games. Even Dreadball has possible uses in Warpath.
      It’s astonishing to me that with the new Ork kits, GW didn’t even attempt to bring back Gorkamorka or the Formula-Ork races. Space Hulk has the distinction of having Terminators and Genestealers.. two popular unit selections for a flagship game.. so people will be interested in it. If you look at community Necromunda projects, a lot of them are basically ways to use 40k armies in Necromunda.. which should tell you a LOT.

      Maybe GW will hire a person with a clue and we’ll start seeing things that make sense out of them again. The Nagash and end-times thing has cool elements to it. That said, Giants of Albion, Storms of Magic, and other weird releases they’ve done make me think that in a year or two Nagash will be sidelined again.

      In 40k land I’m done. The proportions are a joke, the concepts behind the units are asinine, the lore is stale, and the logic behind the decisions on who has what tech are just silly. The underlying theme and variety of forces are still to be commended but outlandish pricing, codex creep, and everything else people always belly ache about have soured me on GW in a way that is probably beyond repair.