Do you think your dragon may be possessed?

Creature Caster has concept art up for their possessed dragon as part of their Kickstarter campaign. There’s less than a week to go to get in on the action.

Possessed Dragon


From the campaign:

The Possessed Dragon has arrived!

If ever there has been a model that can get someone’s attention from across the room, this is it. It is both epic and playable, and is a true centrepiece model.

This is the last model that I will be adding to the campaign. I could keep on adding models in the form of concept art, but that would put my delivery times in jeopardy. Already this campaign has been a huge success. I have a manageable batch of sculpts ahead of me, which should allow for enough time to focus entirely on fulfilment.

I am now going to take a day and upload an exclusive part Maggot Demon, and to take a final look at my new bundle deals before I publish them. I am also going to make a vid to explain these deals in greater detail. Look forward to that.

… and thank you for helping me get here.