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Do You Know Your Neighbors? Board and Card game up on Kickstarter

Cray Cray Games has started a campaign for Do You Know Your Neighbors?, a new board and card game they've developed. Go have a look-see.

From the campaign:

Your neighborhood lies in the heart of suburban America,
and is a place like most other places. People go about their lives,
working, relaxing, gossiping and doing things that most folk do driven by their hidden desire. Some are Kind, some are Wicked and some are Fickle. Do you know which are which?

Should the roads be improved? Is the Mayor doing a good job? Should Halloween pranks be tolerated or punished...severely? All of these questions are up to you and your neighbors. But who are they really? Are you living next door to a Kitty Kindly or an Arthur Arbitrary?

In this fun, fast-paced, strategic party game, we ask you:
Do You Know Your Neighbors?