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Do you know what Nemesis means?

Zenit Miniatures launched their Kickstarter campaign for Rise of the Juggers, a new expansion for their Nemesis minis game.



From the campaign:

It is our pleasure to present you our new crowdfunding for the Zenit Miniatures’ Nemesis range of models. In this new adventure, and with your help, we intend to make Juggers large creatures which to expand the game with. Moreover, we will also focus on the creation of two new factions: the Exiled and the Nephalites. As well as the creation of the new War Machines.

All of these elements will be done if its GOAL is reached, and on the way to reach them there will be more strech goals. Once we meet all the GOALS we will add more strech goals until the end of the campaign. We hope that you will like them and we are open to your advices, as always.