DMB Games running 3D Dungeon Terrain Kickstarter campaign

DMB Games launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new line of 3D dungeon terrain tiles and walls.

Dungeon Terrain


From the campaign:

Over the past few months there have been some cracking Kickstarters that have all contained some brilliant 3D dungeon pieces, but unfortunately for us on the other side of the pond, most of them have been in the US or Canada. This in turn means that getting the bits shipped to the UK or to Europe has been costly and has put many people off of ordering.

Couple that with the thought of spending bags of money on beautiful scenery – only for it to get mashed and mangled on a long shipping journey half way across world – and it’s no wonder people find the prospect of such long-haul shipping daunting.

It’s because of these uncertainties that we thought we would do everyone on this side of the Atlantic a favour and create a great 3D terrain Kickstarter that ships directly from within the UK.