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Dixit: Revelations Now Available

For those that have played it, Dixit is quite a bit different than your average card game. Each card has a strange and whimsical scene on it that the Storyteller player must describe using just a word, phrase, or sentence. Other players then look at their own hand of cards and choose their own card that might match that descriptor. All the cards are played face-down and shuffled. Then they are revealed and people vote on which card was the "original." Points are awarded based on the guesses. Well, the number of cards available has just expanded, thanks to the release of Dixit: Revelations.

This new set of cards was designed by French illustrator and animation developer Marina Coudray. Her artwork tends to mix modern technology with various scenes throughout history. As you can see, one card has a raptor taking a selfie while a meteor falls in the background.

What sort of words and phrases would you use to describe these various cards?

You can pick up your copy of Dixit: Revelations now.