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Divorce, the card game, up on Kickstarter

Anyo is running a Kickstarter campaign for Divorce, their new card game about... well... the name's sort of self-explanatory isn't it?



From the campaign:

Divorce! The Game takes all the fun of getting divorced and turns it into an easy-to-play two player card game. The deck represents your marital assets, and players take turns drawing two cards, keeping one for themselves and giving the other to their ex. This simple mechanic mimics a zanier version of divorce mediation and leads to some tense decisions. Do you take an item that you want? -- or do you prevent your ex from getting something they cherish? As you fight for your house and your kids, you'll have to play dirty: use lawyers to steal back items, hide assets offshore, plant incriminating evidence on your opponent, or buy bribes to get the edge.

“There's something about getting divorced that really brings out the worst in people,” creator Andrew Yoon said. “No matter who you play against, the game is designed so that you'll screw someone over.”

“Divorce is all about paying for your mistakes, and every turn in the game, we try and give you a chance to make one,” added David Beck, producer of the game.

Divorce! The Game made its debut at PAX Prime, a gaming convention in Seattle, to rave reviews:

“A darkly hilarious, vaguely offensive game with a satirical premise and laugh-a-minute-atmosphere” - The Escapist
"Witty, playfully vindictive" - Robert Ward
"Makes Cards Against Humanity seem fit for Sunday school" - some dude on BGG

Divorce! The Game was recently selected as an official Staff Pick by Kickstarter. Pre-orders of the game are expected to be delivered in January 2015.