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Divisional & Marlburian Commander NEWS from Capitan Games

Capitan Games has some news about their Divisional Commander army-creator program as well as their Malburian Commander book.


From the update:


Online Army Builder
In a short time and with the invaluable collaboration of LITTLE ARMY BUILDER, we shall have a free online army builder, with this online facility players can build their own balanced armies for tournaments, historical games; all that you need to make preparing the game easy.

Scenario Book
We are working on a Divisional Commander scenario book, with a selection of historical scenarios to allow players to refight famous - and sometimes less well-known Napoleonic battles. A selection from the more famous campaigns will be included, with maps, historical details and balanced armies. The book will be available from our online shop via downloable pdf at a very competitive price


Our Marlburian period rules based on our Divisional Commander system, is now at the stage of pre-publication artwork . All the rules have been fully tested, demonstrated at SELWEG 2014 by the Southend Wargames Club - and they won the best terrain in Show trophy. If you know how to play Divisional Commander you will be able to play Marlburian Commander very quickly. We have a simple basing system for the miniatures but, as in Divisional Commander, you can play with your existing miniatures and armies without rebasing them.