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Divisional Commander Published by Capitan Games

Capitan Games has released their Divisional Commander book over in their webshop for all you Napoleonic players.

Divisional Commander


From the release:

These rules are designed to play battles of medium size, involving a division, or a small corps, from the whole Napoleonic era, including the British-American War of 1812, the "forgotten" Wars of Liberation in South America, and the last War of the
Napoleonic Era - the 1st Carlist War.

Divisional Commander is designed to allow players to represent historical battles or to play balanced games based on a point system that allows them also to play fictional scenarios or to run campaigns or championships.

To represent the intensity of movement, counter-movement and combat of Napoleonic formations, Divisional Commander (as other Capitan Games rules) uses a system that allows more flexibility than an "I go, you go" system.

Divisional Commander is designed to allow the player to use his existing armies without rebasing them. The rules system provides that, if players have their collection of miniatures based for other game systems, e.g. Napoleon's Battles, they can use them without any problem.

"Capitan Games is a young dynamic corporation which does not just produce rules and figures but also supports and integrates them for the convenience of the gamers... Rather Captain's other Napoleonic rules at different command levels, including Divisional Commander & Capitan, will be integrated to allow gamers to play at different levels for many years to come."

Bob Coggins January 2014
(Designer with Craig S. Taylor
of Napoleon's Battles rules)

96 pages full color including rules and Army lists.

You will find now at Caliver Books (UK)


And in a few days at:
Scale creep (USA)
Atlantica Juegos in Spain

U.K. - £25.00 GBP;
Rest of Europe - €30 EUR;
U.S.A. $40.00 USD
plus p&p