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Divisional Commander Free Online Army Builder

Divisional Commander Free Online Army Builder

Capitan Games gives you a new way to create and manage your Divisional Commander forces with their free online army builder program. Players can create their armies and even keep a record of matches with the software.


From the announcement:

Capitan Games Ltd are pleased to announce that, to support their Divisional Commander tactical Napoleonic rules, an online Army Builder facility has been introduced which allows the wargamer to build an army of his choice and create a permanent record of his selections.

Designed by Alain Buffet of Little Army Designer, the excellent builder facility is available through the link. Just enter and login!!!

Divisional Cmmander rules are designed to allow the wargamer to play small and medium sized battles in the period from 1792 to 1840 (The French Revolution to the Carlist Wars).

They make it possible to use almost any army, appropriate to the period and already owned by the wargamer and provide a number of novel systems and mechanics to keep play simple whilst remaining true to history.

Comprehensive army lists are provided in the rules which allow the player to customise the commanders, battalions and regiments he uses to reflect historical characteristics. We hope you enjoy using the Builder and the armies you create with it.