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Divisional Commander 1st Carlist War Army Lists Now available for free

Capitan Games is offering free downloads of their 1st Carlist War Army Lists from their website. The Carlist War was the last of the Napoleonic age and was fought between two groups claiming that their candidate was the right one to take over the Spanish throne.
And that just reminds us that we should always pronounce a successor whenever possible.


From the release:

The first Carlist war was the last of the European Napoleonic wars.

The war started after the death of King Fernando VII. The two armies involved, the Cristinos or governmental army, supporting the liberal regency of Maria Cristina (the wife of Fernando VII, and mother of the Queen Isabel II), and the Carlists, who supported the conservative candidate to the kingdom: Carlos V (brother of Fernando VII). So commenced a full scale civil war with international involvement. The British, French and Portuguese sent troops to support the Cristino forces.

The war was fought with the Carlists trying to capture the capital, Madrid, and the Cristinos trying to block Carlist operations in the north, and the Catalonian and eastern provinces.