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District Games Running No! Kickstarter

District Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for No!, their quick and casual card game. The object of No! is pretty simple. You just want to be the first player to play all your cards. The only problem is that other players can disrupt your plans by playing No! cards. And since potentially every card in the game is a No! card, that can be a pretty difficult thing.
The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now, and will be for the next 27 days.

From the campaign:

NO! is an unpredictable turn-based card game. The players start with a pile of cards in front of them that must be used up in order to win the game. Each card is an action that has to be performed by the indicated player. The awesomeness of NO! is that each card can be NO!-ed by shouting "NO!" and playing another NO! card instead.

NO! is a 3-7 player game. You can play up to 14 players with more NO! cards.

NO! is just amazing: it's easy, fast and fluky. It's a lot of fun. Imagine the face of your opponents when you shout NO! in their face!

Shuffle the cards and distribute them among the players. Everybody draws one card and a random player starts the game. The cards in your hand are the NO!-cards. (You will love them!)

In your turn, flip the first card of your pile. Every card indicates how the turn moves from one player to the other...and some other nasty things!

The first player who uses up his pile of cards wins the game!