Disposable Heroes paper minis now printed to order

Precis Intermedia is now offering a print-to-order system for their Disposable Heroes Paper Miniatures

From their announcement:

Precis Intermedia continues to revolutionize Paper Miniatures by offering to print your custom selections in full-color on quality cardstock and ship them right to your door. No other brand of paper miniatures can offer the flexibility and quality of Disposable Heroes(R).

The combination of our critically-acclaimed Customizable Disposable Heroes system and our PDFinPrint(TM) print-to-order service provides you with unparalleled options. Save settings for any Customizable Disposable Heroes set (or mix and match sets) and either download them later or add the settings to your shopping cart to get them printed. It couldn’t be easier. Printing a few sheets at home is easy enough, but what happens when you need armies of figures and don’t want to waste your printer’s ink or go out to buy thicker paper? Simple solution: just let Precis Intermedia print them for you. Best of all, you choose the options: a-frame, ti-fold, or flat counters; numbering; labeling; and even a custom selection of figures.

See the diverse selection of Disposable Heroes Paper Miniatures.