Discworld and Infinity sale at Antenociti’s Workshop

Antenociti’s Workshop is having a sale on their stock of Discworld and Infinity miniatures.

From their website:

As we need room to expand our own figure range we are now closing down on selling Infinity the Game.
As such we have a whopping 20% off the RRP of all Infinity figures whilst stock s last – you can also still use your 5% loyalty bonuses to make that 25% and, if you are outside of the EU, you get an additional 17.5% refunded to you for the VAT (which we don’t charge you.)

What you see is what you get though, once stocks are gone we wont be replacing them, so get in there fast.

We are clearing out our Discworld figure range and have dramatically cut their prices e.g.

  • Detritus was £31.50 is now £20.48p
  • Fred Colon was £7.25 is now £4.71p
  • Nanny Ogg was £9.25p is now £6.01p

When they are gone, they are gone, so get them while you can…and at these prices they are very good value for money.