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Directive: Invasion Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Earth. It's a nice, ripe, blue planet just hanging there in space. So enticing. It's easy to see why aliens are invading it all the time. Though usually they just come one at a time. But what would it be like if a whole bunch were invading at once? That's the story behind Directive: Invasion, a new board game that's up now on Kickstarter.

In the box

In the game, each player is the head of a different alien race. And the race is on to capture as much of the Earth as you can before someone else captures it or blows it up. Control territory and oppress your human subjects on your way to victory. Only one alien race can be considered the true ruler of the planet, and you need to make sure that's you.

The campaign is up now and set to run for another 26 days.