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Dioxin Dump launches Beasts of Burden card game Kickstarter

Dioxin Dump has a new card game, Beasts of Burden, that's up on Kickstarter now.
Anyone else got Rolling Stones playing on their computer?

Beasts of Burden


From the campaign:

After months of playtesting, Beasts of Burden is now a quick-playing game of treachery and debauchery that happens to center around constantly swapping items in your inventory.

In short, players carry around weapons, tools and treasures, each with separate weights, values and uses in order to defeat monsters and puzzles in a nine-card grid in the center of the play area (the "dungeon").

Players must constantly swap items in their pack to stay below their weight limit while trying to earn as many points as possible, through solving puzzles, killing monsters, avoiding traps, collecting treasure and solving quests.