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DinoProof Out Now From Good Game Designs

As much as we all desperately want it to happen (or, at least, I do), the idea of having dinosaurs running around the present-day world is probably not a very good idea. Well, that's just what's going on in DinoProof, a new minis game from Good Game Designs. You see, various natural disasters have brought forth these terrible lizards into the everyday world (along with causing all sorts of damage along the way, themselves). Scientists have sent out dinosaur hunters, called Slayers (man... now I want to listen to Slayer) to hunt them down and get DNA samples from them.


In the game you can either play as a Slayer or as a pack of dinosaurs (I know what I'd play, to be honest). The Slayers are very customizable. You can pick their abilities, skills, and equipment. Meanwhile, the game has rules for more than a dozen iconic dinosaurs from all across history. There's even rules for campaign play, starting you out with a novice Slayer all the way up to a well-seasoned veteran (assuming you don't get eaten, of course).

The game is out and available now.