Dindrenzi Retribution Class Dreadnought preview

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 2nd, 2011

Spartan Games have posted a preview of the Dindrenzi Retribution Class Dreadnought for Firestorm Armada.

Dindrenzi Retribution Class Dreadnought

From their website:

Once this model was finished we had an interesting time thinking up a name for the vessel. We bounced a number of ideas around, before the name Retribution came up. And that was it – the name stuck and suddenly the Dindrenzi Federation had its heavy hitter. As you can see from the images below, which we will let do the speaking for us, it is an intimidating vessel, and we think the name suits it rather well. To show its size we have used a Dindrenzi Battleship for comparison:

  • Spartan


  • blackfang

    Ehhh… when I was first thinking about what a Dindrenzi Dreadnought was going to look like, I was afraid it would be two Battleships stuck together.

    • haywire

      That seems to be the theme. One or more battleships glued together with additional details. The only one that has not followed so far was the directorate ship

  • Veritas

    Dindrenzi are the main aggressors in FA aren’t they? What do they need retribution for? I like the model. I just don’t get the name.

    • P-ko

      They’re agressors in this war, but the whole background’s focused on the usual “colonies try to break away from Earth-dominated polity” which saw some colonies, including the breakaway’s capital, being nuked from orbit by the Terran Navy. In effect, the Dindrenzi see themselves as avenging the atrocities of the imperialist Terrans against them.

  • KelRiever

    Sorry. Needs to be bigger. I’m not interested until I can stand on it. 😛

    • Veritas

      You could stand on it as is.

      Whether or not it could SURVIVE the experience is an entirely thornier question.