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Dimensions, a new RPG system up on Kickstarter

Dimensions is a new "any genre" RPG system that's looking for funding over on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Dimensions Role-playing System is a pen and paper RPG that is designed to allow players to mix and blend any number of genres while keeping the rules of the game concise and unified. Dimensions RPS is designed on a point system that allows heroes, creatures, and even equipment to be assigned a meaningful level in relation to one another. By using this method it’s possible to have a party that contains a Superhero, a Grand Wizard, and a Mecha, all created on an even basis. With this style of system you have limitless choices of stetting for your play. Should you choose to play in one consistent setting, or in a number of differing settings, the system leaves the decision up to you.
Released on Kickstarter.