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Digital Version of Smash Up Available On Steam

I got the original set for Smash Up pretty soon after it came out. A friend had picked it up and we played at my LGS one evening. It was a hoot. Quick and easy to learn, with tons of replayability right out of the main box due to how you mix up two of the factions for your deck. Well, there's been quite a few expansions that've come out since then, meaning if you wanted to carry it all around, it could be quite a hefty box you're lugging with you. Well, now you can go digital and play online... and it's free, too.

Nomad Games has teamed up with AEG to bring you the digital version of Smash Up. The Early Access version is up on Steam now, with plans for further releases across various platforms (PC, iOS, Android) later this year. The Free version comes with Dinosaurs, Ninjas, and Geeks. Further packs are available (for a discounted rate during Early Access). The starter Pack promotion comes with Aliens and Zombies (during Early Accesss), with Pirates, Robots, Wizards, and Tricksters coming at the actual Launch.