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Diehard GameFAN announces their 2011 Tabletop Gaming Awards

Diehard GameFAN posts up their 2011 TableTop Gaming Awards on their site, and it covers a very wide selection of games.

From their website:

When we look back at 2011, we can almost sum up the year in two words: 90s Nostalgia. Call of Cthulhu and Vampire: The Masquerade released anniversary editions. RIFTS updated Vampire Kingdoms. Warhammer 40K hit mainstream audiences via video games the same way SSI introduced a lot of people to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Speaking of AD&D, we even saw a rise in the number of games that were tributes to it and the original Dungeons & Dragons. Shadowrun had arguably its best year since Second Edition. Wizards of the Coast made Neverwinter its focus this year. About the only thing keeping 2011 from being a complete time warp was the lack of TSR rising from the game and reissuing the old FASERIP Marvel Super Heroes game.

Now that’s not to say 2011 was all about the old. A lot of great new products were released too. WotC tried its hand with a pretty fun board game in Conquest of Nerath. Several new high quality miniatures lines debuted. Cubicle 7 released things like Airship Pirates and The One Ring. Third party Pathfinder publishers continued tocome up with high quality creative materials. So on and so forth. So yes, even though 2011 was dominated by older games showing why they’ve stayed as popular as they have for decades, it was also a great year for new games that were able to stand toe-to-toe with the classics. As we end 2011 it’s time to pay homage to the best the year had to offer. Here now are the 2011 Tabletop Gaming Awards, with winners chosen by the staff at Diehard GameFAN. Winners were alerted a few weeks before publication and were given the chance to include an “acceptance speech” of sorts. Those that did have their comments after the award.