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Dick Garrison Rapid Launch Published from Wessex Games

Wessex Games has released their Dick Garrison Rapid Launch rules over on Wargames Vault. Check 'em out.

From the release:

Calling all Space Cadets!

Dick Garrison Rapid Launch has been published in PDF format at Wargame Vault.

Rapid Launch is the basic rules from our forthcoming Pulp SF wargames rules for 28mm scale miniatures The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison, .

Dick Garrison is inspired by the pulp TV serials of the 1930's and has an emphasis on characters and derring-do. Using an opposed dice roll system there is no daring act you cannot recreate on the tabletop as good fights evil to save the Earth from the diabolical Khang the Compassionless.
Rapid Launch contains:

Introduction: Khanopia: Empire of Misery, The League of Nations
Doughty Heroes & Sinister Villains: Roles, Statistics, Pros & Cons, Equipment, Squads, Leaders
To Action: Turn Sequence, Morale, Plot Twists
A Desperate Race: Terrain, Obstacles, Movement Types
The Battle Joined: Ranged Combat, Close Combat, Mental Combat
A Bold Attempt: Challenges, Types of Challenges
Some Flimsy Scripts: Perfidy in the Palace, Treachery, A Fate Worse Than Death
A Cast of Dozens: Character Biographies, Character Record Sheets, Heroes of the Space Navy, Villains of Khanopia

This will allow you to understand the basics of the game using your Wargame Supply Dump Dick Garrison miniatures.

Purchasers of Dick Garrison Rapid Launch will be able to redeem the cost of the purchase price against the cost of The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Dick Garrison when it is released later this year.