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DiceSoup prepares for launch of first issue

DiceSoup is a new tabletop gaming magazine that's gearing up for the release of their first issue.

From the announcement:

Tabletop Magazine Prepares for Launch of First Issue
Lenexa, KS — DiceSoup is a monthly online magazine that focuses on the tabletop gaming industry, with a dedicated focus on roleplaying games (RPGs). DiceSoup strives to release dynamic, editorial-style articles filled with content that helps fans of the hobby get the most out of their games. Topics include alternate rule sets and game mechanics, campaign hooks and story ideas, gaming tips and tricks, editorials, and RPG industry news. The first issue DiceSoup’s new magazine will go live to a thrall of screaming fans (hopefully) on October 31st, 2012. Today, however, DiceSoup has opened high initiative registration, be sure to strike fast (we’re battling internet trolls here) and register so you’re the first to see the latest and greatest from this innovative outlook on our favorite (dungeon-diving) past time.

Our first issue will include the following:

Braaaiiin Power for Zombies - In this three part article we take a look at a popular undead menace, the rotten, brain-craving zombie. We explore how these corpses have managed to shamble their way across all genres of fantasy and science fiction and how each setting gives the Gamemaster an unique toolbox to make encounters with these familiar minions unique and engaging for players.

Indie-fy Your Game With Guides - The Gamemaster is a cornerstone when it comes to developing a games story and plot. Most GMs are quite capable of brewing up conflict and strong antagonist for their players to deal with, but a great GM knows that tapping their players is the best (and almost infinite) source of story. What if there was a way to reward your players with experience (similar to any experiance generated off of a combat encounter) for good story tellings, and for playing engaging characters that move the story forward.

Unleash and Understand the Theory of Player-nomics - Lets face it- fat loot is one of the most obvious rewards a Game Master can give their players during a campaign. Yet why do players work so hard to acquire mythical and imaginary items that bring them power in a universe that only exist on paper and in our minds? How can understanding basic just reward for equal effort economics help a GM create goals that are both tempting and worthwhile for their players?

These are just three of the articles that will be released in the October Issue of DiceSoup. Not only is Dicesoup striving to provide readers with grade-A unique content, but they have also scowled the dark reaches on the internet in search of other talented RPG bloggers and writers to help them bring their mind blowing ideas to one central hub. So stop fiddling around in the innkeepers cellar fighting rodents of unusual sizes, and join a quest to launch and build a RPG-centric tabletop gaming community. Your game group will be glad you did.