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DiceSoup, new monthly online gaming magazine, launches first issue

DiceSoup is a new monthly gaming magazine. They've got the first issue up for your reading pleasure.

In this inaugural issue:

DiceSoup is a monthly online magazine focused on the tabletop gaming industry- specifically, roleplaying games. DiceSoup is set to release editorial-style articles and content that helps fans of the hobby get the most out of their games. Article topics include alternate rule sets and game mechanics, campaign hooks, and story ideas. Editorials, industry news, interviews with professional developers, and gaming tips will also be included. The first issue will go live on October 31st, 2012 with a second issue slated for November 15th, 2012.

Here is a preview of what to expect from DiceSoup’s first offering:

Braaaiiin Power for Zombies - A three part article that takes a look at the popular undead menace: the shambling (and sometimes scrambling), brain-craving zombie. This series will explore how these deadheads have managed to devour their way across all genres of fantasy, modern horror, and science fiction, and how each setting gives the Game Master an unique toolbox to make for terrifying and downright devious delves with everyone’s favorite minions.

Indie-fy Your Game With Guides - It’s no secret that the Game Master is the cornerstone when it comes to developing a story and plot. Most GMs are quite capable of brewing up conflict and strong antagonists for their players to deal with. A great GM knows that tapping their players can be a near-infinite and rewarding source of creativity. This article will explore methods based off the indie game Lady Blackbird with which players can be rewarded for their efforts in making each session a more immersive experience for the whole table.

Unleash and Understand the Theory of Player-nomics - Treasure troves, epic gear, phat loot. Whatever name you give them, in-game rewards and the effect they have on the player psyche are a powerful force that keeps your group coming back to the table each week. Why do players work so hard to acquire mythical items of power in a universe that only exist on paper and in our imaginations? How can understanding that basic return on investment economics can help a GM create goals that are both tempting and worthwhile for their players? Invest your attention in this article to earn your reward...

DiceSoup is the brainchild of a handful of veteran gamers with a passion for the industry and the creative fortitude to bring a wide variety of content to the table (pun intended).