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Dicesoup Launches Second Issue

Dicesoup now has issue #2 of their magazine online for your reading pleasure.

In this issue:

Counting Calories: Hunger In Your RPG - On the menu in this article is the often overlooked topic of hunger and starvation in your game. Not all rule-sets adequately cover this mechanic, and for those that do, it is rarely given much thought at the table. Instead, take a bite out of these optional mechanics for your campaign and spice up the action that takes place off the battlefield.

Walking the Walk: The Peasant Hero - Ever wonder what the life of a peasant would have been like? Does your character or NPC hail from a simpler heritage? This article will give you the insight on the quaint, yet charming life of the peasant, from a historical point of view. Never again will your peasant hero be without a background!

Artist Showcase: Nicholas Kay - A profile based on an interview with the highly talented Nicholas Kay. His work in the genre includes clients like Fantasy Flight Games (Warhammer and WH40K RPG’s), Paizo Publishing (Pathfinder).

Syndicated Selection: The Forest Crawl Kit - Next time you head off into the forbidden forest, make sure you use Mike’s Forest Crawl kit will provide dozens of fun random encounters.

Braaaiiin Power for Zombies Part 2 - A three part article that takes a look at the popular undead menace: the shambling (and sometimes scrambling), brain-craving zombie. This series will explore how these deadheads have managed to devour their way across all genres of fantasy, modern horror, and science fiction, and how each setting gives the Game Master an unique toolbox to make for terrifying and downright devious delves with everyone’s favorite minions.