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DiceBot Megafun Now Available From WizKids

If you're going to name your game, name your game. That's just what WizKids has done with DiceBot Megafun. In the game, players are looking to create their own robot by heading to the junkyard and picking up parts. Then, once their bots are all prepped and loaded out with weapons, they'll fight to the finish. Only one will be left standing, while the others will go back to the junkyard from whence they came. The game is available now.

From the release:

Players are the robots who must reach into the junkyard to grab dice displaying various parts and place them on their robot sheet. Each player places 6 parts dice onto their sheet – 5 in the body area and one in the head.

Then players simultaneously choose weapon cards to play, which require the parts retrieved from the junkyard. Each weapon card has a cost in parts to pay as well as speed, direction of fire and damage, and an occasional special text ability. Some weapon cards include: Uzis, Lasers, Rifles, Bombs, Jammers, Viruses, Blue Shells, Shields, etc.

Be the first robot to win 3 combats!

For advanced play, each player is given a special ability activated by kill points: which are gotten by dealing the final blows to robots in combat.