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Diceborn Heroes: A Co-op Dice Adventure Game Up On Kickstarter

An ancient evil is once more rearing its ugly head. The peace and prosperity of the land is under attack. Who will stand up to it? That would be the Diceborn, heroes who are able to utilize the power held within the die crystals. It's up to them to travel throughout the land, performing quests as they build up their power before they take on the ancient evil and send it back where it came from.
That's the story behind Diceborn Heroes, a new cooperative dice game that's up on Kickstarter now.

About the game:

Diceborn Heroes is a 1-4 cooperative fantasy dice game that plays like an old school JRPG, in a 3-4 player game each player gathers their starting hero dice and selects one of the 4 starting classes of hero to control, Fighter, Thief, Priest, or Mage. The key to the combat and evolution of the game is in the attack deck. The attack deck is a tool that will give enemies their speed and target of attack as well as giving a dynamic for the choices and progress the heroes have made as cards get added or removed from this deck.

Players draw their first quest from the Quest deck marked with a "1". They follow any quest setup revealing monster cards for each hero. Players roll their pool of Hero dice then assign one to an available attack slot on their hero card(s). once all dice are assigned players reveal an attack card for each monster then resolve attacks from the lowest to the highest value of card or die. enemies target the hero that has an assigned die that is equal to or greater than their attack card value. heroes choose enemies to target and can use hero abilities at any point to gain an edge in battle. after all attacks the attack cards are discarded and heroes gather their dice again, roll and assign all over. Players can enjoy Diceborn heroes in these single play sessions but the story unfolds when you continue the adventure in the campaign play. If you are playing as a campaign any of the relics you have acquired with Star icons get shuffled into the "Item deck" for future games then all the cards currently in the attack deck will stay there when you create the attack deck for your next playthrough. Each time you win the next time you play the choices you made before will affect the next generation of heroes. Players will start over with a new team of Diceborn Heroes and will face a new quest returning all quest cards from successful games before back to the box. You can keep going forward, game after game until your heroes have failed or if you have finished all 8 final bosses. With 16 different Hero classes right out of the box there is thousands of combinations that work well together for tons of replayability. At the end of a "campaign" the number of "Starred" cards in the item and attack deck will give you a final score. The choices you make are what will define your game in Diceborn Heroes.

Defeated enemies, add cards back into the attack deck, if the deck runs out, heroes start taking additional damage. Once all enemies are defeated, the quest is successful and players proceed to the town phase. After each encounter, players will have a chance to level up their classes and learn new skills, giving them more abilities and dice to use in the upcoming battles.The adventure your heroes take will flow over 3 different quests, after which you will face a final boss. Players will win when they successfully defeat this boss.

The campaign is right around half-funded with still 33 days left to go.