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Dice Sports Launches Z War One Kickstarter

Dice Sports has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Z War One, their new episodic comic book miniature board game. This campaign is to fund the Issue #1 box. Each issue is a new expansion that will continue on the overall story of the Z War One world. They will bring in new characters, new game elements, new environments, and new challenges as our stalwart heroes look to survive in a world gone to the dead.

There's a couple ways to play Z War One. You can either do the "standard" game style that's for 1-4 players. Or, if you want to switch things up a little, there's a "Director Mode" for 2-5 players, where one is in charge of the zombies. They're not entirely mindless anymore, as this version puts a brain behind the shambling hordes.

The main box contents are:
* The Issue 1 full color rule & extended comic book.
* 22 28mm metal miniatures
* 4 full color 12x12 game boards
* 36 doors and stands
* 60 cards (search, equipment, and director)
* 6 character & monster stat cards
* 55 game counters
* 1 pad of character tracker sheets
* 4 eight sided dice

The campaign has passed its funding goal already. So on its way is stretch goals. They've got 40 days to make it through as many as they can.