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Dice of March launches Fat Zombie Game Kickstarter

Dice of March has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Fat Zombie game.


From the campaign:

Fat Zombie is a funny little dice game, a game that melded two of our favorite pastimes: rolling dice and eating. Combined, they form an easy, fun-to-play game about trying to eat as many people as possible to become the fattest zombie! For once you become the fattest zombie... then you shall be King! Why King? Zombies don't care about money, political power or fundraising; they only care about brains. Not even the quality of brain eaten, merely the quantity.

So you and your friends (2-4) set out upon the grandest adventure: to eat as many brains as possible from the hapless humans! But be wary, for the humans are not without the means to defend themselves, and the fattest zombie may soon become the dead undead!